Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Fogo. Futon Love.

Fogo is now allowed up on the living room sofa. This is a big step.  But her behaviour has improved greatly during the last year and the upstairs sofa is looking pretty rough. Hence the change. Also she's long since claimed the playroom futon as a cherished nap spot.  In the evenings when we hang out in the living room watching television, she would sneak down to her futon. The companionship of her family was not enough to compensate for the indignity of sleeping on the floor. I found this infuriating.

All of this is back story to this photo I snapped recently:

Fogo had very carefully climbed up on the chesterfield, take pains not to step on Ezri. Ezri was not thrilled to discover that she had to share her throne with something that is six times larger.

Everything went okay for about 10 minutes. Both fell asleep. Then Fogo got a little too comfortable. And Ezri got a face full of dog anus.

A few seconds after this, Fogo wagged her tail, and smacked Ezri across the face. 

It was hours before Ezri ventured out from under my bed, where she'd fled to nurse her ego and plot Fogo's eventual downfall. 

Or so I assume. 


  1. Haha, poor Ezri. Barkley almost caught Beeps mere minutes ago. Nothing but cat and dog adventures for you and me!

  2. Last night husband invited our dog onto our bed, where she is normally not allowed, but we were having thunderstorms that were freaking our dog out something fierce. Anyway, dog hops up on bed and cat's face so clearly stated "what the shit is this??!!" Cat was offended and horrified. Jumped off bed in a huff only to return in the wee hours of the morning to pay us back by walking all over us. Cats.