Friday, October 18, 2013

Burn baby burn.

I have blogged before about the clearcut at the top of our street where we walk the dog on her many, many daily walks. Snowshoeing there is one of my favourite things. The area was logged initially six years ago. Last fall the downed trees (those too big for use as firewood and without commercial value) were stacked up into 30 slashpiles. I won't lie: I often fantasized about lighting one of them on fire. Just because.

On Tuesday, the Ministry of Forests beat me to it.

We were unable to resist the spectacle and like many other locals we went down to check out the light show: 


It was toasty warm and LOUD. So loud. Also smelly -- our jackets and Fogo's fur still smell faintly of smoke.

At noon the following day it looked like this:

And now I'm pining for my snowshoes. Bring on winter!


  1. That video won't play for me. I'm sure it will snow soon enough and you'll be on those snowshoes in no time!

    1. YES, TO SNOW. Because I love early fall, but once we enter the "beige days" I'm ready for the pretty flakes.

  2. It's playing for me and it's AWESOME. I love the sound of wood burning. I feel like putting it on a continuous loop and just letting it run while I drink tea and eat cookies.

    1. It was like those Xmas time videos of the log fire! BUT SUPERSIZED!