Saturday, October 5, 2013

Dim Bulbs Make Me Cranky.

Remember the good old days when it was easy to replace a light bulb? You just unscrewed one old incandescent bulb and screwed in another incandescent bulb, taking care not to exceed the wattage recommended on the fixture.

In the era of CFL and LED bulbs, I've got to check:
- the socket type. Is it an Edison screw base? Is it bi-pin? Is it a gu10 type? A gu25? Do I need a suction cup to remove the bulb from it's housing?
- the colour. Is it a soft white, bright white or daylight? Having mismatched bulbs in the same fixture is one of the things that morphs me into a Little Miss Type A.
- the size of the plastic base and the spirals. Some of them are too big or long for some of our fixtures.

And don't get me started about how CFL bulbs much touted longevity is dependent on the orientation of the socket or the degree airflow is restricted by the cover on a light fixture. Then there's the fact that I am suppose to recycle the bulbs. According to the Light Recycle website, the two closest depots are 184 km and 177 km away.  Driving 2 hours to recycle something doesn't strike me as being particularly environmentally friendly.

Maybe I should go back to the incandescents? Should I start stockpiling incandescents before the January 1, 2014 ban?

Do I sound like Andy Rooney? Don't answer that. I already know that I do. It's just that I'm pissed off because this morning I went to change the lights in the front hall (semi-flush mount with horizontal sockets) and found this:

[Commercial Electric brand bulbs from Home Depot. Model EDXO-14]

Scorched and melted plastic doesn't grant me any piece of mind. 

So now I'm adding "confirm brand name of product so that you can sue the company for BIG money if/when your house burns down" to my bulb checklist.

The bastards. 


  1. I refuse to use those CFL bulbs. First of all because they are so bad for the environment and would be impossible to recycle here and second because I really don't like the "prison white" light and those are the only ones available here. (Not that I've been to prison but that's what they make me think of.) And I am stockpiling incandescent bulbs which are very easy to find here.

  2. And I miss Andy Rooney, cranky old bastard that he was.

  3. My Rare One is stockpiling incandescent light bulbs. I don't know where we're going to put them all!

  4. ARGH!!!

    Yesterday I bought an LED bulb (Phillips brand) because someone told me that it would be better than the very slow to warm up CFL bulb I have on the front porch. While getting the $20 bulb out of the plastic packaging, I dropped it. It fell probably 20 cm from my hands to the kitchen table. And shattered. SHATTERED!!!

    I'm going back to candles.