Monday, December 2, 2013

Sometimes math makes my brain weep.

We are all familiar with the adage "don't speak ill of the dead." The erudite amongst you might be interested to know it comes from the Latin terms "De mortuis nihil nisi bonum"(“Of the dead, nothing unless good”) and "De mortuis nil nisi bene [dicendum]" (“Of the dead, nothing [spoken] unless good”). The phrase has been in usage since the 4th century CE. The erudite amongst you will be disgusted that I'm citing wikipedia as the source of this information.


There is an unspoken belief (at least in my head) that "don't speak ill of the dead" can be fully and unapologetically suspended when it is revealed that the dead person in question is mourned by a girlfriend who he [allegedly] started dating when he was 33 and she was 16I am referring to Paul Walker (an actor of whom I knew nothing until his death on Saturday) and his girlfriend of seven years. She's 23. They've been together since she was 16.  That's statutory rape. I'm not okay with it (nor should I be) and I'm really offended that people and websites are again glossing over a celebrity's [alleged] criminal, immoral actions. 

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To end on a high note, if you're keen to peruse a really funny pinboard I recommend "I Was Born in 1971." It includes photos of artifacts familiar to anyone who grew up in the 70s and 80s. Like this one: 

I loved those belts.


  1. I had that rainbow belt! I loved it. One time a boy asked me if it had come with batteries, or if I needed to supply them myself. He was an ASS. The belt was still lovely :).

    1. I never owned one, so I am very jealous of you for having one. Also that boy was an idiot.

  2. And now that's MY favourite board. Even though I was born in 1975, I feel very close to that board right now. I had a rainbow belt too! And also the hairstyles that were featured.

    I don't actually know who that fellow was, as I'm not a fan of actiony car movies. If it was 16 and 18 or 19, I'd give it a pass. But 16 and 33? That's not even Elvis-and-Priscilla creepy. That's beyond.

    1. If the situation was he was 40 and she's 23 and they'd dated for a year or two or three, I'd be judging, but I wouldn't be wondering if he was a pervert. But she was a child when they got together. The. End.

      What's killing me is people who say [some version of] "well I know a couple whose age gap is greater, so who am I to judge?" It's not about the age gap. It's about an age gap that spans adulthood and childhood. It's about a child encountering situations, feelings and scenarios beyond her years because she's in a fundamentally unhealthy relationship with someone who by virtue of his age/status/wealth is not her equal or peer.

      I wonder what people would think if Walker's child attends his funeral on the arm of a 32 year old boyfriend. Afterall, his daughter is 15 and her father obviously had no issue with a 17 year age gap when it came to his love life. See -- it's TOTALLY creepy when phrased liked that!