Friday, July 11, 2014

But who will save the baby humans?!?!

In early 2013 I started a seal hunt board over on pinterest. It's mostly photos of seal skin products and seal meat, plus links to posts and quotes from news articles about the traditional and commercial seal hunt in Canada and elsewhere.

I update it only sporadically. More so in the last few days as a cadre of animal rights activists (**cough** angry, middle class, white women without young children at home**cough**) started re-pinning and commenting on that board.

There is -- I can now assert based on 10 minutes of perusing their boards -- a correlation between people who say they love animals, and people who post death porn photos of dead seals. That seems like a contradiction. Plus they also might be misanthropes and hate freedom of speech. And, quite possibly, themselves.

I am of course making hasty, glib judgements about their lives based solely on their  Pinterest usage. They are doing the same to me.