Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Benedict Cumberbatch was ROBBED.

A few nights ago I came across this photo on Pinterest:

It was captioned as "Sexy Chewbacca cosplay."

It is a cool costume. It's fun and unique. Spending the day at a fan expo in a full fur body suit would be unpleasant, so this woman's choice to have bare arms and legs has practical considerations. It's a fun gender-spin on Chewbacca. Granted it would be cooler if it was a re-imagining of Mallatobuck (that's Chewbacca's wife, for those of you not of the nerd-persuasion).

But it is not sexy.

We need to codify the meaning of sexy.

It's looking at someone and saying "I am having lustful thoughts about you and I bet our lovemaking would be passionate and sensual."

Sexy is not a Wookiee.

Sexy is not fun fur.

Sexy is NOT Tim Tebow.